THE POLARIS RANGE OF EU CERTPLAST CERTIFIED REFUSE SACKS WITH A Vertically integrated recycling and manufacturing ensures finished product is adherent to the  Scheme.



• Operating and environmental permits required for the country of operation

• Staff training, qualifications and organisation

• Incoming material procedures and controls

• Stock Management

• Recycling Process and associated mass balance calculation

• Controls on recycled outputs

• Environmental protection

• Quality Management and traceability


The EuCertPlast Scheme focus:

Traceability of plastic materials in supply chain and the recycled content quality in finished product.

Transparency through the integration of diverse audit schemes into one common scheme

Best Practice to allow recyclers to demonstrate the fulfillment of REACH and food contact compliance

Certification focuses on material traceability in the supply chain and throughout recycling Process, assessment of conformity and recycled content in the end product and as such uses as a base the principals set out in EN15343-2007.  Assessment of Recycled Output is based on the various EN Standards developed for the characterisation of plastic recyclates