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As a founder member of the CHSA Plastic Refuse Sack Accreditation scheme, Polaris  has approved testing equipment.

This equipment is the primary testing method utilised when the product arrives from the factory prior to being released into the supply chain.


The drop test method certified by the CHSA enables us to have the confidence to assure our customers that the product they receive will perform as they expect and for the purpose, the product is intended.


To continually provide the products our customers require the tests performed during production are set out in our product specifications.


During production, checks are carried out on the product approximately every 15 minutes as a minimum. These checks are both visual and technical. Visual to ensure machine settings are maintained in line with the specification and technical to ensure the product is to specification.


In addition to the production checks, the factory will test the product in their laboratory to ensure the products meet the specification.


The final check when the product reaches our warehouse completes the quality process.