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Polaris  are proud to be founder members of the CHSA Plastic Refuse Sack Scheme.

The purpose of the scheme is to provide protection to producers, distributors, buyers and users of plastic refuse sacks from misleading and inaccurately described products and therefore giving the buyer the confidence that the sack they purchase is fit for the purpose intended.


As with other CHSA standards, the Plastic Refuse Sack Scheme requires certain details to be on the product label and to be accurate within a specified tolerance.


For the Plastic Refuse Sack Scheme, the label also has to show a scale that indicates the load that the refuse sack will hold.


The refuse sacks that an accredited supplier such as Polaris  supply must comply with the standard and be within a certain measurement tolerance stated on the product label.


To continue as an accredited CHSA Plastic Refuse supplier Polaris  is assessed regularly and random samples of the products are tested to ensure the quality and compliance to the scheme.


In addition to the above Polaris  also has approved CHSA  testing equipment to enable the monitoring in-house to ensure stock meets the standard required.