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Degradable Refuse Sacks

Some customers want more than a recycled product. They need the size, style, colour and familiarity of a black refuse sack but at the same time want to reduce their impact on the environment.


In these instances Polaris  can supply a degradable refuse sack.


What is a degradable refuse sack

During the manufacturing process Polaris  adds an additive to the plastic which in the right conditions will allow the plastic to break up and  release waste into the waste stream. Usually the contents of a black refuse sack are destined for land fill, therefore when the degradable refuse sack breaks up the contents will be released allowing the natural process of bio degrading to take place.


Can  degradable plastic be recycled

The percentage  of additive contained in a degradable refuse sack is  small enough that the recycling process not be affected (when mixed with  that are not degradable)