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GNFR Paper Bags

Our Goods Not For Resale (GNFR) Paper Twist Carrier Bag solutions are created exclusively for our premium high street customers, supplying innovative and luxury packaging products.

Made possible by investment into a new Design Group UK manufacturing facility, our Paper Bags are produced in-house in the UK, to the highest standards and with a focus on using sustainable materials.

From design to delivery, Polaris and Design Group are able to manage the full process of producing retail packaging alternatives, to help brands and their customers shop in a more environmentally conscious way.

We already manufacture for some of the UK’s largest retailers, with capacity to produce 50,000,000 bags per year.

Our GNFR paper bags can be produced using FSC-certified paper, following the stringent processes required to bear the FSC mark.

Want to discuss your needs with Polaris? Phone our team on 01908 211 811 or email us at to see how we can help.