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We’re Polaris

At Polaris, we are the away-from-home trading division of Design Group UK, serving customers in the cleaning, hospitality, catering, retail, health and social care, facilities management sectors and beyond.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, our products fall into four key categories:

  • Refuse sacks, bin liners, piping bags and food bags,
  • Catering crackers, 
  • GNFR paper twist handle carrier bags, 
  • Hand hygiene products.

Our refuse sacks are accredited to the CHSA plastic refuse sack standard. Our food-safe bags are certified with laboratory migration tests.

Our Catering Crackers are produced in our group-owned manufacturing facility in Huizhou under our Tom Smith brand. Tom Smith is home to the original Christmas Cracker, with a history spanning back to 1847, and continues to hold a Royal Warrant by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen.

Our GNFR paper twist carrier bags give retailers access to bespoke, premium bag solutions to package in-store purchases in an environmentally-conscious way. These are manufactured in our Welsh production facility.

Part of IG Design Group Plc

Polaris is a part of IG Design Group Plc – a diverse group of companies operating across multiple regions, categories, seasons and brands. For more information including investor relations and company results, visit the Design Group website.